Message from Gary W. Swanson, President of the SSG Christopher W. Swanson Support Charity for Veterans and their Families, Inc.

To our Veterans:

As we embark on this important mission, always remember that this is for you and your families. It is because of you and our son that we enjoy the freedoms that sometimes people take for granted. Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters from all walks of life have served this Great Country to protect our Freedoms and our way of Life. We thank you and your families for the sacrifices you have made.

Have no doubt that our son, Staff Sergeant Christopher William Swanson was doing just what he wanted to do - Serving this Great Country and Leading his Men! Please continue to pray for us as we take on this new adventure that has a passion burning in our soul.

After 25 years on the police department in Washington, D.C. I have retired, leaving a career that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have fought my battles on the streets of Washington, D.C., and now will fight my battles to ensure that you, our Veterans, will never be forgotten. This foundation is a work in progress. I have sought out the input from countless individuals and have met with elected officials and business leaders. I have sought out the needs of those that mean the most to me and our family, our Military.

As you read through the pages of this website and future literature that you will receive, this is something that we as an organization will make happen. The board of directors and advisors are current and past members of our military along with individuals that have a passion and a commitment to give back to those that have given so much for us.

In closing, all of us have experienced adversity and tragedy; it's what we do with those adversities and tragedies that define us from that moment on. One message I make loud and clear every time I have the opportunity to speak in public is that, "It's ok to hate war, but you have got to love the warrior!" If you should have any questions and/or comments regarding this foundation, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the board of directors. Your input is highly regarded, and greatly appreciated.

Proud Father of an American Soldier and Hero,
Gary W. Swanson


Vision Statement:

SSG Christopher W. Swanson Support Charity for Veterans and their Families, Inc.

1. We do not want replace anything that the great organizations like Malone House or Fisher Houses are doing for our troops in Washington DC. This will be another resource that will allow soldiers or their family to have a place just to unwind and exhale.

2. Develop a strategy to go after funding for this project. There are private individuals and corporations just waiting for “that” worthwhile project to contribute to. I will work to establish a continuing source of funding for this project.

3. The home that we envision will be set up so that several families could be using it at the same time.( Something like the Fisher Houses) It will be for wounded soldiers and their families to come for a weekend or for a period of 1 week at a time to unwind and enjoy life here on the bay. It will be approx. 30-35 miles from Walter Reed so that they can still make their appointments or if they just want to visit the Nations Capitol. It will also be available for all Veterans that have served this Great Country and want to visit the many sites in the area. And of course it will be used by families to include parents of soldiers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

4. To have counseling sessions with each other because we are the ones that know how you and yours feel. We are walking through things together.





SSG Christopher W. Swanson Support Charity for Veterans and their Families INC